Pokemon GO: Does Height And Weight Affect A Pokemon’s Stats?

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In Pokemon GO, the Pokemon often have varying stats that could be measured such as Combat Power which dvertently decides the Pokemon?s overall strength in fights. However, the Pokemon Height and Weight system seems superficial and mostly cosmetic at the moment. Does a Pokemon?s actual Height and Weight affect a Pokemon?s stats or Combat Power in the game?

Players could often gauge the battle they?re facing based on the foe?s Combat Power. Obviously, if it?s higher, it?ll definitely be a disadvantaged fight, but if it?s lower, it?s slightly easier. Growing out of the main Pokemon series, the trainer instead of creatures in Pokemon GO have definite levels to go with, and there are no wild Pokemon to fight for grinding Pokemon experience points or even Effort Value (EV) training for focused growth. This mobile game, however, does bring a different competitive setting, as the Pokemon?s stats indicate the creature?s strengths to the players which allow them to correctly capitalize on them.

However, the Height and Weight system is yet to be explained by its developers, and players are only beginning to discover its actual use in gameplay. On the official support page of the game, the only mention of the Height and Weight system is on the ?Viewing a Pokemon Summary? page. It only mentions the system but doesn?t expound on its use and advantages for a certain Pokemon. Additionally, the Glossary page doesn?t hold any info about it.

Meanwhile, players are stuck in solving the myth of the Height and Weight system?s connection to the Pokemon?s overall CP limits. The Height and Weight myth suggests that larger Pokemon tend to be stronger, but it was quickly disproved on RED OR DEAD?s thread on the Pokemon GO Reddit. Currently, this system seems to have an arbitrary, superficial and cosmetic use as it doesn?t affect any of the Pokemon?s stats at all.

So far, the Height and Weight system?s only use might be to attain some in-game achievements. The Pokemon GO Reddit confirms that the ?Youngster? and ?Fisherman? achievements can only be obtained through catching Pokemon of certain weight. Other than this, we have to wait for Niantic to fix the gameplay and release new servers before they can explain anything about this seemingly cosmetic system.


The game has already been out for a month and players have come to a conclusion that currently, a Pokemon’s height and weight does not influence the creature’s stats. You can check out more myths that have been debunked here.

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