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Pokemon GO Health Benefits: Trainers Actually Walk 2,500 Steps Daily To Catch Pokemon

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The latest Pokemon GO update has stressed the importance of walking. Niantic has also confirmed the latest version launch for Android and Apple devices. The company even released the walking statistics and behavior of Pokemon GO players.

Niantic is well-known for its innovative updates for Pokemon GO. While the health benefits of playing the game are still up for debate, the developers have revealed some interesting statistics which described the behavior of Pokemon GO players.

Pokemon GO Fun Facts

A recent study concluded that Pokemon GO has contributed health benefits for the society. The game has contributed a pivotal role in improving health by promoting physical activity. Each player takes nearly 2,500 steps daily and it results in important health outcomes.

On the other hand, a?recent study conducted by Harvard University and published in the British Medical Journal revealed that the game?is successfully boosting the fitness of the people. However, the phenomenon was a short-lived one, as per

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Pokemon go

Health Benefits of playing Pokemon GO

The company has revealed some impressive statistics which even includes the number of pocket Monsters that have been caught by trainers. The company said that they are very glad to share the impressive stats that the Pokemon GO community has walked more than 8.7 billion kilometers as of December 7.

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The number of kilometers is enough to circumambulate the Earth 20,000 times. Along with the statistics, Niantic shared fun facts like a commercial jetliner would take more than 1,000 years to cover the same distance. While covering this distance, trainers also caught more than 88 billion Pokemon along the way. That?s roughly 533 million Pok?mon a day, as reported by

Apart from this, the company launched a new update for the game?which includes the updated version for Android and iOS devices.

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