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Pokemon GO Hatching Eggs Guide: Tips And What You Need To Know

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Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO is all about collecting Pokemon to progress in the game. While players can just throw their Pokeball to catch critters, there?s another way to collect them all. By hatching eggs in the game, one can collect Pokemon. To do this, players will need to visit the PokeStore to collect the eggs. After collecting them, players can place them in an incubator to start hatching them. The eggs will be hatched after the players travel a certain distance.

Niantic has shared a guide to explain how players can hatch eggs in Pokemon GO. Those who have downloaded the game on their iOS or Android devices can jump to the Main Menu. From there, they can simply click the Pokemon, and an option called ?Eggs? will appear at the top of the screen. Players will then have to select the egg. After selecting the egg, players can start the incubator by choosing any of the available options. After selecting the incubator, the eggs will be hatched as the players start walking.

The more you walk, the rarer the Pokemon you?ll get. In the game, players will need to travel a certain distance for the eggs to hatch. When the player completes the certain distance, the egg will be hatched, and a notification will be sent to the player. While playing the game, if you have placed an egg in the incubator, make sure that the mobile app is open. It will count your steps to ensure that the hatching level is reached. The mobile game will not count your steps when the game is closed.

Take note that you can?t easily hatch a Pokemon Egg by riding or driving a car as the game takes into considering how fast a player moves. You can still hasten the egg hatching by riding slowly on a bicycle.

Pokemon GO is free to download, but the game includes in-game purchases which can be made at the store. Players should remember that they can only hatch a single egg at a time. To hatch multiple eggs at the same time, players will need to purchase the incubator.

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