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Pokemon GO Hacks, Cheats, Tricks: How to Level Up Faster, Catch Rare Pokemon Without Leaving House

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Players who are looking for various Pokemon GO hacks, cheats and tricks should be aware of the fact that the only way they can level up faster and catch rare Pokemon without leaving house is to make use of GPS spoofing technique or Pokemon GO bots. However, the usage of these things can lead to temporary or permanent ban.

The new hack requires users to download TuTuApp APK from its official website. Players should avoid downloading the app from unofficial sources, as they may have infected APK files.?Users have to enable installation from unknown sources to run the TuTuApp APK.

The cheat will only work on devices running on Android 5.0 and higher versions. It does not require users to root their Android devices. The TuTuApp will overwrite the Pokemon GO app that is already installed on the device.

The app will prompt users to provide various kinds of permissions. Apart from location, phone and storage, players should not provide any other permissions to the app. The YouTube channel of OfficialRebel has demonstrated how to use TuTuApp.

After launching the Pokemon GO game, players will be able to move the Pokemon GO trainer around the map by using a joystick. TuTuApp also makes it possible to teleport the trainer to the desired location using FlyGPS, a fake GPS mode. However, one should be aware of the fact that teleporting can lead to a ban.

Players are aware that Niantic is banning gamers who are using GPS spoofers and bots to advance in the game. Hence, players are occasionally using Pokemon GO cheats to avoid getting banned. Ideally, players should avoid third-party services that suggest players to enter Pokemon GO account login?credentials.

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