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Pokemon GO Gyms: New Changes To Gym Training In Latest Update

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Pokemon GO

After the latest Pokemon GO update, mobile game players are required to make some significant changes in the way they play the game. Players will now be required to revive their Pokemon if the creature fails in Gym battles. Players will also be required to revive them if the Pokemon are placed to defend a gym.

Niantic?s previous update has already made some significant changes in the movesets of several Pokemon, and now, if the Pokemon is being trained, they could faint and would need to be restored to life. Players also confirmed that Pokemon who have been kicked out of the gym also fainted and needed to be revived.

On TheSilphRoad subreddit, fans have discussed these changes that Niantic supposedly implemented with the new update. The Pokemon now faints during training. Some players completely approve these changes, suggesting that they will now be able to use revives as the item is not used frequently. It will certainly help players who are running low on potions.

When a Pokemon faints, it comes back with fewer hit points. During this time, players are required to revive them. Pokemon that get their HP depleted will have to use revives to get their Pokemon back in action.

The new changes in the recent Pokemon GO update will certainly require players to collect more revives than potions. Some fans have expressed their frustration about this, as they have reportedly been throwing away revives and collecting more potions. With the new update, revives are now much more significant in the game.

The change in Gyms in this Pokemon GO update will undoubtedly alter the gameplay strategies of many players. Using revive brings back the Pokemon to life, while a potion can only heal it to a certain level. Those with 0 hit point for their Pokemon will have to use revive if they want their Pokemon back, but those with at least 1 hit point left in their Pokemon can use a potion effectively as it gives them 20 HP in one shot.

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