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Pokemon GO Gym Update Turns Your Pokemon Sour, Adds Feeding Feature

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Legendaries, PVP and team incentives are coming this summer. [Image from Pokemon GO Facebook]

It looks like Niantic’s Pokemon GO is scheduled for a few major changes soon as the developer recently showed a preview of their upcoming major update at E3 2017. One of the next content updates and changes in line are Gyms and according to those who’ve seen the preview of the update, the game is changing in a big way. Here’s what we know about the upcoming Pokemon GO Gym update.

A German news site recently shared their Pokemon GO Gym preview over at E3 2017, though it has now been taken down possibly due to a press embargo. Luckily, the The Silph Road managed to fully translate the whole preview before it was taken down.

The upcoming Gym rework is one of the major updates that Niantic has teased in their Pokemon GO Fest announcement and according to those who got their hands on the update, the major Pokemon GO Gym update will have several new features. That update could come soon as Niantic has announced recently that they are disabling Gyms temporarily to make way for new content, one of which includes a “new update focused on collaborative group gameplay features.” As of writing, the Pokemon GO Support page now has a prompt stating that “Gyms will soon be closing temporarily for remodeling.”

Pokemon Feeding

In the latter entries of the Pokemon GO RPG series, players are given the ability to feed their Pokemon. Feeding Pokemon makes it more affectionate to the player and overall, it was fun to take care of a Pokemon rather than just training it for battle. As stated by the German media, this feature will make its way to the mobile game.

To make the Gym mechanic more exciting, Niantic is adding a “motivational” system to Pokemon GO. Players previously place Pokemon in Gym for long amounts of time and they only had to worry about protecting their Gyms. After the Pokemon GO Gym update though, players will now have to visit their Pokemon and feed them as they’ll turn sour over time. We’ve yet to know exactly how this feature will work. Some of the questions that are on the minds of fans include what happens if a Pokemon does go sour and whether Niantic is introducing new food items to the game to make way for the upcoming feature.

It’s possible that Pokemon going sour means that they’re going to perform weaker and will have debuffs, like weaker and slower attacks. As for the items, Niantic could be adding new items to the game. Alternatively, Niantic could simply allow Pokemon to be fed with Berries, which are already available in the game.

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