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Pokemon GO Gym Tips: Best Pokemon For Attacking And Defending

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Have you just hit level 5 in Pokemon GO and are about to challenge your first gym? Then you might be wondering which of your Pokemon are best suited for attacking and defending. Luckily, some hardcore players have already sorted that out for you.

The Best Pokemon GO Gym Attackers and Defenders

On the Silph Road subreddit, a user by the name of ParticleBender has just published a comprehensive breakdown of the best attackers and defenders in the game. Using a self-crafted formula, he managed to assign each monster its own unique attack and defense score. His methodology behind the whole thing is pretty comprehensive, so we suggest you read it in detail over here.

Based on his findings, it looks like Lapras is currently the best attacker in Pokemon GO, boasting an attack rating of 100. Snorlax comes second with a score of 93.85, while Alakazam gets the bronze with an 89.13 attack score.

On defense, the trio once again reign at the top; however, their positions are switched this time. Snorlax takes the first spot with a defense score of 100, barely edging Lapras? 99.38. Alakazam is once again third with 96.88.

It?s clear from these findings that these three Pokemon are a cut above the rest when it comes to battling, so make sure to try and add them to your collection ASAP.

However, ParticleBender did say that his findings are by no means gospel truth. ?Just because Lapras is at the top of the list doesn’t mean he can take down any and every pokemon you throw at him. And when picking six attackers for a gym, you probably don’t want to just use the six top pokemon on the list because your type advantages will be heavily represented against some types and not at all against others,? he wrote.

The only way to know for sure is to go out there, visit your nearest Pokemon GO gym and do battles.

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