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Pokemon GO Gym Rework: What Fans Want

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Niantic Labs is preparing big things for Pokemon GO on its second year as the studio teased some major updates for the augmented reality title this year. We’ve yet to know exactly what the major updates will bring, but Niantic has already given a gist of what to expect, and it includes an overhaul to Pokemon GO Gyms. Here’s what fans want from the Pokemon GO Gym rework coming later this year.


Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke recently teased that the developer is still working on PvP content for the augmented reality title.  This is going to be an exciting prospect and feature in the game as up to now, players can only fight against the AI. It could get boring sometimes, and a human-controlled enemy sounds better and more exciting.

One of the Pokemon GO Gym rework addition should be PvP in the gyms. It would give the game a more competitive edge that could draw more players. If PvP does get added to the game, then there’s a chance that it’s going to require players to fight only those in proximity to avoid problems when fighting against others online. Moreover, players can’t also access gyms from far distances.

Global Rewards

Another exciting addition for the Pokemon GO Gym rework should be a rewards system that gives players of a certain team more items after a set time. Niantic should keep track of the number of gyms each team holds, and the highest scorer should be rewarded with more loot and bonuses.

This should be a good enough reason to keep players more active when it comes to gym battling. Players will definitely be working together to dominate all the gyms within their area if this feature does get added in the upcoming update.

Global Events

We haven’t seen any form of Global Events in the game yet, and adding them to the upcoming gym rework seems like a good start. Niantic could take heed of what Game Freak did with the events in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Basically, each team should have their own sets of missions that could be completed by all of the players in any of the teams.

Team Bonuses

Team Mystic, Valor, and Instinct don’t offer much to players. Part of the upcoming update should be bonuses in the gyms, depending on what team holds it. This would make picking a team a more serious matter.

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