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Pokemon GO Gym Prestige: Tips To Increase Its Value

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Pokemon Go

Everyone?s goal in Pokemon GO, aside from catching all Pokemon, is to become the leader of a dominating Pokemon Gym. Being the first to get to a Gym assures that players will be the leader, and once the Pokemon Gym is full, all that?s left is to defend it from attackers. One way to measure a Gym?s power aside from the defending Pokemon?s CP is by checking out its prestige level.

What Is Prestige?

Prestige is the level of a Gym, as what CP is to a Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Having a higher prestige does not only give the Gym bragging rights, as it also allows the players to have more Pokemon assigned to it, making it harder for attackers to dominate since there are a lot of defending Pokemon.

Tips To Increase CP

One of the basic ways to increase prestige level in Pokemon Gyms is by sparring with the members inside. This activity also allows players to get 50 XP, so it?s a win-win situation for anyone regardless of the outcome of the battle.

Another way to increase a Gym?s prestige level is by allowing it to successfully defend itself from attackers constantly. Though this may seem like a hard task, any Pokemon Gym with good trainers and excellent Pokemon can increase their Gym?s prestige in an instant. It?s important for Gym owners to be well-coordinated so each of the defending Pokemon are planned and not just randomly placed by trainers.

If the prestige level is high enough, the Pokemon Gym will be filled to the brim with defending Pokemon, making it significantly tougher to attack. What?s next now is to decrease the prestige level of other nearby Gyms. Decreasing an opposing Gym?s prestige is as simple as taking down as many defending Pokemon there is. The further into the Gym the Pokemon GO player gets, the more prestige level is taken off.

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