Pokemon GO Gym Guide: Special Attacks, Fast Attacks, And More Tips To Win Battles

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Aside from walking around your locale and collecting Pokemon, Niantic?s Pokemon GO has an avenue for competitive players with the Gym system in the game. Despite Gyms? competitive aspect, the game actually uses automated fights, so players can?t exactly duel against each other with their Pokemon in this mobile game. Here are some tips to defeat the AI-controlled defenders in the game.

Fast Attack, Special Attack and Dodging

According to the official Pokemon GO guide on Niantic?s site, the two attacks, Fast Attack and Special Attack, are your tools to damage your foe. Your Pokemon?s highly damaging Special Attack can only be accessed if you stack enough special meter from doing regular Fast Attacks. Here?s a SilphRoad Reddit thread that can help you gauge which Pokemon are good for attacking and defending Gyms.

The game?s defense system revolves around the players? ability to effectively dodge attacks as well as their Pokemon?s defense stat if they get hit. While these systems seem basic, knowing certain moves intimately may crucially increase your chances on winning. According to Samhsuy1?s thread on the Pokemon GO Reddit, it?s possible to beat the defending Gym Pokemon with a Combat Point rating that?s out of your league if you can dodge most of its damaging moves.

Current Gym Atmosphere

Since it?s been awhile since the game launched, some players may already have Pokemon that are already specialized to defend Gyms and are bred up to their best CP potential. Having high CP doesn?t mean that the Pokemon is strong; it just denotes the average of that Pokemon?s stats. Some Pokemon may actually beat the defending Pokemon easily by over-specializing in one stat and even using their Pokemon type weakness against them.

Allied Gyms

Alternatively, you can ask around the community and find Gyms currently owned by your Pokemon GO group. You can train yourself in Pokemon battles rather than throwing your Pokemon into fights you can hardly win. Additionally, you can also enhance your dodging and attacking skills. If you train at an allied Gym for many times, it?ll grant you a Pokemon slot where you can leave one Pokemon. You can get rewards for that owned Gym as long it stays in your Pokemon team?s possession. Once you?ve gotten the hang of the game?s battle systems, you can try your hand at attacking Gyms not owned by your team.

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