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Pokemon GO Gym Exploit Frustrates Honest Players

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Pokemon GO

It looks like claiming Gyms in Pokemon GO has become a game unto itself, as mobile users have had to watch their surroundings and make sure no one else takes it from them. Instead of getting satisfied, a number of players have become paranoid in claiming a Pokemon GO Gym, making sure no other users are in the area.

This is disappointing since the mobile game is meant to be about social interaction, along with the ?gotta catch em all? mantra. That might not be the case for some, as sneaky mobile players have decided to use a trick to easily take the Gyms of those that have beaten the AI Pokemon in it.

One recent instance was cited by a Reddit user. After beating the AI Pokemon in the level 6 Gym, the user noticed that someone overtook it quickly. It was a group of kids that could not beat the Gym, so they decided to steal it after another user beat the Pokemon. This exploit can easily be done by placing your own Pokemon in the Gym immediately after someone has defeated the defending Pokemon.

Seems like the main problem is that players need a fully healed party to take over Gyms in Pokemon GO. While that normally sounds understandable, it has become a nightmare for mobile players, as that split second of healing can lead to other players taking the Pokemon GO Gym he or she had just beaten. This has made players paranoid about their surroundings and could cause a lot of real-life fights among mobile users.

Exploiters are ruining the hard work of honest Pokemon GO players.

Considering the amount of issues the mobile game already has, it would be wise for Nintendo and Niantic to take action about these Pokemon GO Gym exploits. It undermines the hard work of other players to make sure their Pokemon are the very best, and something needs to be done about it. After all, it’s essentially cheating.

Pokemon GO is currently available in certain countries but isn’t quite ready for a worldwide release. Not only is the mobile game filled with glitches and problems, but the aforementioned exploits still need to be dealt with by the developers. In time, the mobile title will be a consistently great experience, but right now it has also proven to be a frustrating one.

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