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Pokemon GO Gym Bug Traps Monsters

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Pokemon GO Update
Source: The World of Pokémon GO has Expanded! video

The major Pokemon GO update that revamped Gyms introduced worthwhile additions to the game and players are once again busy with the augmented reality title. It looks like Niantic might’ve released the major update without a little polishing first as there’s one Pokemon GO gym bug that is causing all sorts of problems to players.

The Pokemon GO community is reporting a very disruptive Pokemon GO gym bug that traps the creatures into being defenders. Redditor LimboMon gives us a glimpse of what the major problem is and it’s something that Niantic should get to as soon as they can. Players have reported online that their Pokemon are unusable simply because they are marked as defenders.

The problem has been ongoing for a week now and Niantic has yet to reveal if they are already looking into the bug. Players are also hard-pressed on looking for possible workarounds to the solution but to no avail.

The problem starts when players add a Pokemon into a Gym to make it a defender. A notification will appear saying that the request failed and when players check the Gym, their Pokemon won’t be there. If players then look at the Pokemon, it’ll have a defender sign next to it.

If players then check the Gym Badge, it will show the Pikachu icon on the Gym, meaning the player has a Pokemon defending it even if there isn’t one. The Pokemon with the defender status are then stuck at that state.

Since other players won’t see it at the Gym, they won’t be able to beat it and it won’t be able to return to the player. The Pokemon will then be unusable in encounters since the game is registering as a Pokemon defending a gym. Even if the Gym is taken over by another team, players won’t still be able to retrieve their Pokemon.

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