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Pokemon GO Gyarados: Why You Shouldn’t Evolve Magikarp After Niantic?s Latest Update

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Similar to the first gen of Pokemon RPGs, one of the most sought-after Pokemon in Pokemon GO is Gyarados. Getting a Gyarados is a tough feat as players need a total of 400 Magikarp Candies just to evolve it to Gyarados. A recent update paved the way for a more balanced game and part of the rebalancing requires a nerf to Gyarados.

Among the 19 Pokemon nerfs, Gyarados received a downgrade as one of its more useful moves was removed. Dragon Breath is one of the best attacks of Gyarados and it?s commonly used by players worldwide. Since Dragon Breath is now removed from Gyarados, is the Pokemon still worth the trouble of evolving Magikarp?

Redditor StrummerJ recently opened up ?a thread discussing the nerf to Gyarados in and reactions are mixed. Some agree that the change doesn?t make much of a difference, while some think that Gyarados is a lot weaker after the update.

Dragon Breath is a move best used against a Dragonite, which is one of the commonly used defenders in Pokemon Gyms. Gyarados was mainly used to counter a Dragonite, but since it has been nerfed, the next best option to counter it is a Lapras, which is not a common catch in Pokemon GO.

Some believe that there are other good counters to Dragonite, so the nerf isn?t much of a big worry. Some players added that both of Gyarados? quick moves have the same DPS before, so there?s not much change to the Pokemon aside from it being a bit useless against a Dragonite.

Considering the nerf and the whopping amount of Candies needed to evolve a Magikarp, Gyarados may no longer be a Pokemon worthy of the trouble in Pokemon GO. However, despite the removal of Dragon Breath, Gyarados is still a good Pokemon to have due to its Water and Dragon type.

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