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Pokemon GO Guide: How to Win Gym Battles Easily

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Pokemon GO Guide

Pokemon GO is clearly the best mobile game in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store right now. It has dominated the most downloaded charts and continues to inspire countless fans to explore their city to try and ?catch ?em all!? While the big part of the game is catching Pokemon in the wild, another aspect which a ton of players find exciting is engaging in Pokemon Gym battles. That is why a Pokemon GO guide that you should keep in mind is how to win gym battles easily.

Taking on a rival team?s gym is not as easy as it sounds. This is especially true if your Pokemon trainer is still at a low level. There are many basic tips that you should know in order to have the best chance of winning a Pokemon Gym battle.

  • Choose Your Six Best Pokemon ? Even before you approach a Pokemon Gym which is being defended by an opposing team, you should already know which ones are the six best Pokemon you have. This is because you will be asked to pick out six Pokemon before the Pokemon Gym battle will start. Do not merely look at the CP, also look at the individual stats such as the unique moves that your Pokemon have. Once you have ranked your Pokemon accordingly, you will have an easier time in choosing which ones you are going to battle with.
  • Heal Your Pokemon Before Doing Battle ? Before you start a Pokemon Gym battle, always heal your top six Pokemon first. Do not engage in a battle with some of your Pokemon not at full health. This is only going to make things tougher for you. Always heal your Pokemon before every Gym battle to ensure that it is at full strength.
  • Evaluate the Pokemon Defending the Gym ? Each Pokemon type has its strength and weaknesses which a wise Pokemon GO player should take note of. If you are battling against a water Pokemon, using a fire Pokemon will not be effective at all. That is why you must choose a dragon or a grass type Pokemon in such a case. Knowing what are the strength and weaknesses of the Pokemon defending the gym you want to take on will go a long way in helping you win.

With the handy Pokemon GO guide above, you will surely be able dominate in Pokemon Gym battles anytime.

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