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Pokemon GO Guide: Where To Get PokeCoins And What To Do With Them

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Pokemon Go

As good as it is, Pokemon GO isn?t safe from microtransactions. However, unlike other mobile games with a pay-to-win system, players who decide to shell out a few dollars won?t be at a big advantage to other players. Microtransactions in Pokemon GO come in the form of PokeCoins. If you don?t know what these are, then don?t fret as we got you covered.

What Are PokeCoins?

Players can?t directly buy items using real life cash, they?ll instead have to buy PokeCoins which come in several denominations, with prices from $1 to $100. For now, there?s no clear method of getting this in-game currency aside from buying it with real-life money, but Niantic could implement a way for players to get it for free sometime in the future.


Items To Buy With It

There are several items Pokemon GO players could buy with PokeCoins and they are indeed helpful on your journey.

  • Poke Balls – can be bought using PokeCoins but they could be acquired in PokeStops as well, like the other items on this list
  • Lucky Egg ? doubles EXP for a set period of time
  • Egg Incubator ? makes an Egg hatch quicker than usual, but the incubator will break after three uses.
  • Incense ? lures any nearby Pokemon to your location for as long as 30 minutes.
  • Lure Module ? functions similarly to Incense but will instead lure Pokemon to a PokeStop instead of where you currently are. People around the PokeStop will also benefit from the effects of the Lure Module.
  • Bag Upgrade ? increases the number of items you can carry, which is very important if you?re planning on getting a lot of Pokeballs, as items are counted per quantity, not by unit.
  • Pokemon Storage Upgrade ? increases the number of Pokemon you can store, which is important as well if you?re planning to ?catch ?em all? in Pokemon GO.

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