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Pokemon GO Guide: Catch Pokemon Easily

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Pokemon GO

Now that Pokemon GO has been released in a few countries, fans everywhere have already downloaded the app and enjoyed the highly anticipated mobile game. However, since catching Pokemon has become the main focus of the game, players realized that it is a lot harder than it looks on the animated show, since they have to be aware of their positioning.

First, when a player decides to catch a Pokemon, there will be a colored ring that appears on the creature. Instead of just throwing the Poke’ball recklessly, players have to make sure the ring is small so that the Pokemon will be easier to catch. It’s not like the player has the option to weaken it with their starter Pokemon.

As mentioned earlier, players also have to be aware of their positioning in Pokemon GO. If they’re not careful, the Poke’ball might miss the Pokemon and fly off screen, wasting one of the most important items of the game.

Like the classic games in the series, there are different types of Poke’balls. The basic Poke’ball has the lowest success rate but is the easiest to get in the game and can still catch weaker creatures. Other balls, like the Great Ball and the Ultra Ball, have a much better success rate to catch Pokemon but are also much harder to come by. Players might be able to get them in Poke’stops, though they might also have to shell out some cash in the in-game store.

Then there is the Master Ball which is the best of all the balls. Like in the Game Boy and 3DS games, this ball assures fans that it would work 100 percent. In the original games, players wouldn’t have to weaken the Pokemon to use it, and it was usually saved for a legendary like Mewtwo. The mobile game’s version is the same but is also really hard to get, though players can get more than one this time.

Pokemon GO is now available in certain countries for Android and various iOS devices. It’s not yet available worldwide, but it will be soon. Niantic said it will be released worldwide this month, so other countries just have to be patient.

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