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Pokemon GO Guide: Becoming A Gym Leader And Picking A Team Color

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Niantic?s Pokemon GO is geared to provide series fans with the best Pokemon experience there is. This includes catching, training and battling Pokemon. Aside from these core features, Niantic is also giving us a chance to become Pokemon Gym leaders. Even though the game is yet to launch, several players have already had access to it via the field tests. Players have even begun making guides.

This one particular YouTube account by GAME Previous tells players the process in acquiring Pokemon Gyms scattered throughout the map. For starters, upon starting their Pokemon GO journey, players will be greeted with a professor, much like the RPG series. For now, the professor is only a shadow, and no exact avatar has been set for it yet. Like the other professors from Pokemon games, he will guide the players on various areas in Pokemon GO.

Upon entering a gym for the first time, players will be greeted by the professor. Then the professor will ask the player what team he is on. The available teams are Red, Blue and Yellow. There are no gameplay differences among each team. If the gym is currently unoccupied, it will change into the color that the player picked.

On the other hand, if a player comes across a Pokemon Gym that is already occupied by a team that is the same color, the player can battle the members inside the said gym and work his way to the top until he becomes the gym?s leader.

If a Pokemon GO player comes across a gym that dons a different team color, the mechanic is the same. The player will fight and work his way against the members of the team until he reaches the gym leader. Once defeated, the gym?s color will change to the corresponding team of the player.


The game is now available?in US, New Zealand, and Australia. While players have yet to find a legendary Pokemon, some speculate that they can be obtained depending on what team player’s choose.

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