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Pokemon GO Grimer Bug: All Phone Models Affected By The Pokemon

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The grimer bug in Pokemon GO is still haunting players as it makes their phones freeze a lot. The issue occurs when you encounter a Grimer. Some people say that it?s because of the animation, while others say that lack of sufficient RAM in mobile phones is causing the issue. Some fans believe that the latest update has fixed the problems; however, many players are still dealing with the bug.

The Pokemon GO Grimer bug is causing frustration among fans. Players on Reddit have filled the web with complaints on the game. Apparently, Grimer makes phones unresponsive.

After digging into multiple Reddit threads, we found that the issue is not only limited to specific phones or an operating system. It seems that the Grimer bug in Pokemon GO affects every player. The issue occurs when you encounter a Grimer. The phone automatically freezes and remains unresponsive until the player changes his location or moves away from the Pokemon.

There?s no official fix yet for the Grimer bug, but some people claim that waiting until the Pokemon despawns brings back the phone into working condition. After finding no concrete information, a player on Reddit concluded that those who have less than 2GB of RAM in their phones encounter the problem.

Those who have successfully caught Grimer also face the problem whenever they open their Pokedex. As the game constantly freezes, players are unable to evolve Grimer. When the bug was discovered, those who faced the issue believed that the issue is specific to some devices. Now that it?s clear that it is a global issue among Pokemon GO players on different devices, ?Niantic needs to address the problems as players are forced to restart their phones after being hit by the bug.

For some people, Niantic?s latest update has fixed this issue for some and they no longer encounter the problem. Niantic is working on solving many issues, and there are chances that the company might introduce a fix for the Grimer bug as well. Unlike before, Niantic is now listening to fans and addressing problems with its fortnightly updates. The company is seriously dealing with the game?s problems and we hope that the issue will no longer bother fans.

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