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Pokemon GO GPS Spoofing: Will Niantic Detect And Ban You?

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Pokemon GO GPS Spoofing

Altering your GPS address to access a Pokemon GO server is considered ?cheating? by some of the game?s fans and even Niantic itself. However, some players have admitted to using Pokemon GO GPS spoofing apps and is still able to play the game regularly. Does Niantic really detect GPS spoofers and ban them?

The answer is yes; Niantic does give out a soft ban to caught GPS spoofers. Currently, this is one of the few violations currently punished?in Pokemon GO. Due to the game?s buggy state, Niantic may have gagged the game?s automated banning systems to prevent larger community problems.

The soft ban only blocks you from the game for a few hours and you can resume playing the game normally again after that. This inconsequential banning allows GPS spoofers to continue as the ban can be waited out, and the spoofers aren?t denied access to the game after that. While the banning is technically harmless at the moment, you wouldn?t want to be caught cheating by the time Niantic increases security measures in Pokemon GO. Additionally, some Pokemon GO streamers even do GPS spoofing, which is technically a public display of in-game cheating.

While a stricter ban from Niantic currently remains a rumor, blatantly cheating in-game is almost irredeemable once you?ve been caught. The grey areas for the use of Pokemon GO GPS spoofing apps may also endanger Niantic?s reputation with its fans if not carefully handled.

However, the current state of the game?s servers isn?t optimal at the moment. If the buggy system starts doling out permanent bans, Niantic may have to deal with player complaints regarding incorrect bans. It may be an optimal time to start culling the game?s cheaters as there are more important matters to fix at the moment. Here?s a tweet from a player confirming that a GPS Location bug may trigger the game?s soft banning system.

Currently, we can only expect Niantic to start imposing heavier punishments to cheaters once the game is finally fixed, stable, and is available worldwide. Until then, Pokemon GO GPS spoofing apps may still exist.

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