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Pokemon GO GPS Spoofing: Not All Users Are Bad

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Most players believe that all players who use Pokemon GO GPS spoofing tricks deserve to be banned, but not everyone spoofs their location to cheat. There are some players who wish to play the game but are unable to go out due to physical disabilities. In such cases, the game becomes depressing for these people, especially when their able-bodied friends go out for a Pokemon hunt. A player has confessed that he spoofs his location because he has no option left, but the way he handled the situation has endeared other players.

On Reddit, a player confessed that he uses the Pokemon GO spoofing trick, but his story made people feel that there?s nothing wrong in GPS spoofing as long as they have good intentions to use it. According to the user, he is partially disabled and is unable to move a lot. As the nature of Nintendo?s new mobile game encourages players to go out, he gets depressed whenever his friends plan to go on a Pokemon hunt.

What made people love this guy is the way he spoofs GPS in Pokemon GO. The user has set written a list of rules for himself. His own rulebook is as follows:

  • ?????????Never take down an opposing team’s gym.
  • ????????Never level up a gym belonging to my team.
  • ????????Never place a Pokemon above 1000cp in a gym, and never place Vaporeons.
  • ????????Keep within the limits of the closest city while spoofing.
  • ????????Never EVER under ANY circumstances brag about level or cp – avoid the topic if possible.
  • ????????Use data that I collect from spoofing (spawn locations, stacked pokestops with lures) to help my friends when they go out.?

Some players on Reddit suggest that if someone is spoofing their GPS location for such cases, he/she should not be banned. There?s another way through which Nintendo can help people, and that is by bringing a couple of new features to Pokemon GO for disabled people.

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