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Pokemon GO GPS Spoofing: Niantic CEO Vows Crackdown On Cheats

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Pokemon gO gps spoofing

Niantic Labs will no longer tolerate Pokemon GO GPS Spoofing. The developer of the popular AR mobile game confirmed that it is working on a solution to eliminate this issue. The company?s CEO John Hanke himself said that a solution is on the way to lock down the accounts of people who fake their GPS location in the game.

Pokemon GO GPS Spoofing tricks have been bothering players and the game developer Niantic as well. Players were asking Niantic to penalize those accounts that use such hacks and cheats which spoil the fun for others. When Hanke was asked on Twitter about the issue, he assured the fan that a solution is coming.

Last month, Niantic mercilessly shut down all the third party apps including some popular Pokemon GO locators. Now that the company is standing strong against cheaters, it seems that the Pokemon GO GPS spoofing tactics will no longer work.

The company has been repeatedly criticized for not listening to fans? requests. Now that CEO Hanke himself has addressed the fans, it seems like Niantic was just waiting for the right time to reveal its plans.

Recently, the company shared their reasons for closing third party apps for Pokemon GO. The company said that such apps were affecting the game?s servers and spoiling the title for genuine players. Niantic has been strict with its terms of use, and with the release of Pokemon GO, the company warned players not to use any tactics to cheat in the game.

It seems Niantic is now listening to fans and the company is now actively addressing fans? queries. This is really important for players because after the company?s month-long silence, fans started taking initiatives to teach the company some lessons. It is possible that the criticisms and fans? moves such as asking for refunds forced the company to start communicating with its player base.

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