Pokemon GO GPS Spoofing App Not Working? Here’s Why

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Pokemon GO cheats on GPS Spoofing

Due to Pokemon GO?s international hype, some players are already trying to get in the game?s current servers or even rapidly progress by cheating using a GPS Spoofing app. However, those players who failed to use the app correctly started getting incorrect GPS locations. Here?s why you shouldn?t use such apps for cheating in Pokemon GO in the first place.

According to Razor-PT?s thread on the Pokemon GO Reddit, some players are bashing and giving negative reviews to the ?Fake GPS? app because it doesn?t work on the game. Razor-PT said that the app was intended for testing and development purposes only. The Fake GPS app developer won?t modify his app to become usable on Niantic?s game, and he urged the players to play the game fairly. On the app store page of Fake GPS, some people mentioned that it is not working and gave it a bad review.

Niantic has told its player base that they will penalize players for trying to cheat in their game. Currently, Niantic is only giving out soft bans which block caught offenders? access from the game for a few hours. It?s possible that the light punishment encourages players to try the cheat since they can start playing the game again a few hours after they?ve been soft banned. However, those interested in GPS Spoofing shouldn?t push their luck as Niantic may start focusing on game security once the game is fixed.

Previously, the punishment for Pokemon GO leaks and .apk users was device block, which prevented the offender?s further access to the game. This made dataminers and leakers extra discreet in sharing information about the game. If you?re excited for Pokemon GO to finally be released in your country or region, it might be best to wait for it instead of getting caught and being blocked from the game for good, if Niantic does decide to tighten their security again.

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