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Pokemon GO GPS Spoofing Eliminated By Android Security Update

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pokemon go gps spoofing
Another new Pokemon from Gen 2. [Image by Pokemon GO Facebook]

Pokemon GO GPS spoofing has been around since the mobile game launched, and it has proven to be an annoyance. While Niantic has found ways to lessen its uses, there are still some that persist and cheat the system. It seems like the method will be disappearing for a while, at least for those who use Android devices.

According to The Silph Road subreddit, a new Android security update has lessened the possibility to spoof the GPS. This was met with plenty of acclaim from fans, since they didn’t like how some players would play from home. Niantic made the game so that players could interact with each other when catching monsters, and fans seemingly agree.

No More GPS Spoofing. For Now.

Fans can assume that there won’t be any Pokemon GO GPS spoofing for awhile, at least for Android users. The security update stops any apps that help enable GPS spoofing so that cheaters can’t exploit it anymore. Apps won’t be able to hide the fact that they GPS spoof either, so they can easily be taken down now.

GPS spoofing might not sound like a big deal to some, but it has bothered many Pokemon GO players. Spoofing allows players to participate in gym battles unfairly, since they’re not travelling to the actual location of the arena. Considering that the gym battles are getting an overhaul soon, it’s easy to see why GPS spoofing was stopped.

The Root of the Problems

Unfortunately, it seems like Pokemon GO GPS spoofing is still possible for those who rooted their phone to play it. This was confirmed in the aforementioned Silph Road subreddit, so those who have their phones rooted can cheat the system. It’s pretty unfortunate, so here is hoping that the developers in Niantic find a way to solve this problem.

Still, the security update does ensure that some cheaters won’t be able to GPS spoof anytime soon. The cheat is one of the game’s bigger problems, so fans want this to be fixed sooner rather than later. Niantic is aware of this, so there’s no doubt that they will find a way to fix this in a future update.

Pokemon GO is available now on both iOS and Android devices. The game is a free download, so anyone can get it from their respective app stores and enjoy it. Certain items can be bought with real money like incubators and Poke’ Balls.

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