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Pokemon GO GPS Spoofing Apps Disabled On Android 7.1

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Pokemon GO GPS Spoofing
Source: The World of Pokémon GO has Expanded! video

Recently, Pokemon GO GPS spoofing has been disabled on Android version 7.1. No GPS spoofing means players won’t be able to take gyms or use PokeStops in the convenience of their own homes. However, the spoofing issue has yet to be fully stopped even with this patch out.

Android 7.1 Version Stops Spoofing

The Silph Road community has discussed that the new Android 7.1 now prevents Pokemon GO GPS spoofing from working. The new technical changes to the Android firmware now registers a phone to be “masked” when using these third-party programs. “Masked” phones aren’t allowed to log in Pokemon GO and must be removed first to continue playing. This new Android update may prevent some Pokemon GO GPS spoofing cases, but not all of it.

It Still Happens

The Pokemon GO GPS spoof block only affects Android phones updated to this new 7.1 version. Outdated phones will still be able to spoof since the new function isn’t there yet. Currently, Niantic is already working on a functionality to stop spoofing as confirmed on their official Twitter. However, Niantic has yet to announce a release date for this feature.

Spoofing Is Cheating In Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO players consider “GPS Spoofing” as a cheating tactic as it allows players to farm PokeStops and catch Pokemon normally not in their region. GPS spoofers can place their character in any country and spin every Pokestop for loot. Region-exclusive Pokemon can also be caught just by placing their character in specific areas. Aside from easily capturing several species of Pokemon with minimal effort, GPS spoofers can also dominate Gyms easily.

Allowing GPS spoofers to proliferate will defeat this mobile game’s social gameplay. Overall, this unhinged access to the game’s contents allows players to generate infinite resources and defeats Pokemon GO’s real-life exploration gameplay. Even without the fan’s suggestion to block GPS spoofing, Niantic will also run out of ways to release unique regional events if every player can just move their characters to certain regions without traveling.

Other Devices

Currently, both iPhone and Android devices can GPS spoof as long the software has been tampered already. Niantic’s fix won’t be able to stop all of these devices from spoofing at the moment. The upcoming Pokemon GO feature might be able to do something about stopping the spoofers, but we’ll have to wait until it gets out. Stay updated with more Pokemon GO news here on The BitBag.

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