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Pokemon GO GPS Hack Lets Players Catch Pokemon At Home–Is This The Most Ingenious Cheat So Far?

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Pokemon GO GPS hacking tricks are already popular among players, but there?s a new hacking method which is the biggest and the most amazing of all to date. Players have tried almost everything to cheat and beat Nintendo?s new mobile game with the help of different apps. The new GPS hacking method developed by some players is focused on hardware and allow players to catch Pokemon while sitting at home.

The hardware solution doesn?t feed fake GPS data to the app but uses a radio frequency shield to generate fake signals for the phone and the Pokemon GO app. To do this, players assembled some hardware which included a signal generator, RF shield box with GPS antenna, GNSS evaluation kit and RF splitter. The whole setup uses Google Maps to change the signal of the phone according to the GPS location. A joystick is used to simulate the walk in Pokemon GO. The custom software built by the players completely controls the character on mobile.

If you are thinking of building your own custom setup similar to this one, be ready to get these hardware solutions first. It would certainly allow you to catch Pokemon from home, but you?ll need a custom software to support the whole system for your hardware devices as well as for your mobile phone and Pokemon GO mobile app.

The new Pokemon GO GPS hack is undoubtedly amazing, and it doesn?t require you to hold the mobile phone all the time. You can simply place the mobile phone in the radio frequency shield box and the system will be controlled by the joystick.

Before you begin using any such GPS spoofing tricks in Pokemon GO though, make sure that you are aware of Niantic?s guidelines. If the company finds any such devices and applications against its policy, the players? account might get banned permanently. No matter how bad cheating is, the solution developed by these players is probably the most amazing GPS hacking tool for Pokemon GO so far.

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