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Pokemon GO Go-Tcha Wristband Is Better Than Pokemon GO Plus

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Any Pokemon can be found after a migration. [Image from Pokemon GO Facebook]

Pokemon GO is a demanding game that can easily drain the battery of players’ smartphones if they get too careless in playing. The Pokemon GO Plus is a good device to have because it lessens battery consumption and it also gives players access to a few neat features. However, a new peripheral device called the Pokemon GO Go-Tcha Wristband is now available and it looks like a better gadget than the Pokemon GO Plus.

Code Junkies is offering the Pokemon GO Go-Tcha Wristband which is a device exclusively made to be paired with Pokemon GO. It shares a few features with the Pokemon GO Plus, but the device is still unique in itself and players are probably thinking about getting themselves one.

The Pokemon GO Go-Tcha Wristband sells for £29.99, whereas the Pokemon GO Plus is slightly more expensive at £34.99. As for what makes that Pokemon GO Go-Tcha more unique, Code Junkies details the features of this device:

  • Catch Pokémon
  • Collect items at Pokéstops
  • ‘Auto-Catch’ mode
  • Touch screen
  • Animated graphics
  • Vibration feedback

The Pokemon GO Plus shares only vibration feedback and PokeStop item collection with the Go-Tcha Wristband. The other remaining features of the third party device are unique to it and some of it are actually pretty useful.

New Features And OLED Screen

The Pokemon GO Plus is a simple device that requires players to access a few features with a single tap. On the other hadn, the Go-Tcha device features a small OLED touchscreen that allows players to control the device in a few ways.

Jonas Sunico | The Bitbag

“Simply tap the Go-tcha screen to grab the items. Select ‘Auto-Catch’ mode and you don’t even need to respond – Go-tcha does it all! Collect Pokéballs, Potions, Eggs and other items at Pokéstops without having to check your smartphone,” says the product description of the device.

The OLED touchscreen also changes its display based on what the player did. It includes displays for when a PokeStop is nearby, when a Pokemon is near, when a Pokemon is caught and several others more. This is perhaps the best feature of the third-party device and since it is slightly cheaper than the Pokemon GO Plus, it might be worth getting after all.

The device isn’t approved by Nintendo, The Pokemon Company and Niantic according to the disclaimer. Players should expect the worst and that Niantic could do something to prevent third party devices from being used in the game.

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