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Pokemon GO Go-Tcha Wristband: Why The Device Is Worth Getting

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The Pokemon GO Plus recently got its first worthy competitor and it comes in the form of a third-party device called the Go-Tcha Wristband. The device has many similar features with the Pokemon GO Plus, but there’s much more to the device. There are actually a few good sides to the Go-Tcha Wristband and it could be worth getting.

Code Junkies’ Pokemon GO Go-Tcha Wristband is now available and those interested in the device can simply order one now. There’s a chance that Niantic might do something to prevent the device from working on Pokemon GO and despite the risk, the Go-Tcha device is still worth the purchase for these reasons.

It’s Cheaper

If players haven’t bought the Pokemon GO Plus yet and are thinking of grabbing one, then they should consider the Pokemon GO Go-Tcha Wristband first. The device is a few dollars cheaper than Niantic’s device, but that doesn’t mean it’s less useful to partner with Pokemon GO.

Unique Features

The Pokemon GO Plus is a decent device in itself as it allows players to play the game without having to check their phones regularly. This is a good item for those who are always having trouble with saving their smartphone’s battery. However, there are quite a few limits from the Pokemon GO Plus including its inability to catch Pokemon.

The Go-Tcha Wristband does a lot more than allow players to collect items from PokeStops. The device also allows players to catch automatically catch Pokemon with its auto-catch mode. When it comes to saving batteries, the Go-Tcha device can really save up a lot of hours since players won’t need to check their phones more often especially if they are just out for capturing Pokemon.

It’s Stylish

Another good reason to buy the Go-Tcha device is that it’s pretty stylish. It features an OLED touchscreen that comes with a display that features animated graphics. These graphics aren’t for show though as it notifies players of quite a few in-game activities including when a PokeStop is nearby, when a Pokemon is near and when a Pokemon is caught. Moreover, the bracelet-like design is neat to look at as well.


There’s no doubting that the Go-Tcha device is a stylish and useful device for Pokemon GO players. With its lower price, it’s definitely worth the buy. Still, players should know of the risks of running this third-party device in Pokemon GO.

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