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Pokemon GO Global Events Could Come This March

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PHOTOGRAPH: Niantic | Screenshot Captured From Pokemon GO Trailer

The world of Pokemon GO really did expand with the addition of gen 2 Pokemon and a host of new features. However, there are still missing features from the game that fans are still eager to see. One of the most anticipated features to date are the Pokemon GO global events, but there’s a chance we could be seeing it next month.

Earlier this February, Niantic CEO John Hanke teased a few anticipated Pokemon GO features that the developer is still working on. It includes PVP and trading, and he even hinted about global events. The latter has been seen and teased very early into the development of Pokemon GO as it was part of the reveal trailer.

In the first trailer for Pokemon GO, the end showed off a bunch of players rushing to Times Square. At the monumental New York landmark is MewTwo, one of the legendaries in gen 1 of Pokemon. From then, players speculated that Legendary Pokemon will be acquired through global events.

Even after Pokemon GO expanded recently, we’ve still yet to see Legendary Pokemon or even a trace of Pokemon GO global events. All this could be changing next month as it is pretty big for the game and those who have been following it early on since its reveal.

This March marks the first year anniversary since the game was made available. It was in March that Niantic begun field testing in Japan for select players. It’s a pretty big milestone for the developer, and there’s no other way to celebrate the event than to have Pokemon GO global events.

Players first speculated that gen 2 could be launching next month. That’s why fans are pretty surprised to see that the next set of Pokemon became available as early as today. With the addition of the next gen of Pokemon, Niantic is once again backlogged in Legendary Pokemon, and it’s high time we get Pokemon GO global events and the chance to get the legendary creatures.

While there are still no global events in the mobile game, Niantic recently confirmed an event in Europe this February 18. A contest that involves spotting Pokemon as well as whole day lures will be done across 20 locations in Europe.

With gen 2 coming in hot, there should be 11 Legendary Pokemon in the game now. Along with Mew, MewTwo, Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres should be Raikou, Entei, Suicine, Celebi, Ho-oh and Lugia. Hopefully, Niantic does begin launching Pokemon GO global events next month so we could get our hands on the special creatures.

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