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Pokemon GO: Why Global Events And Legendary Pokemon Are Coming Soon

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Pokemon GO

Niantic?s Pokemon GO is officially a month old in some regions, and it has been a wild roller coaster ride for the augmented reality game. After a rough early August, Niantic finally picked up the pieces and sort of fixed the game. There?s a lot of reason to keep playing the Pokemon title, and some of them are the missing Legendary Pokemon and global events. After Niantic?s recent push to save the game, it?s obvious that these two features are coming soon.

When Niantic first revealed the trailer for Pokemon GO, fans were easily excited about the prospect of global events seen in the latter parts of the reveal trailer. It showed dozens of players flocking Time Square in a bid to defeat MewTwo.

Until now, no one is given a taste of how global events work, but since the game is slowly being launched into other parts of the world, these events may come soon. Aside from that, Niantic is slowly fixing the game after the latest tracker update.

If events do come, chances are the Legendary Pokemon will arrive as well. Mew, MewTwo, Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno may be the center of these events, and players might be tasked with defeating them as per the trailer.

This might be the only way to catch Legendary Pokemon to give each player a fair chance at catching them. When it comes to where these special Pokemon appear, we?re expecting Niantic to place them in commonly travelled locations so they?re accessible to everyone.

Niantic?s push to fully fix Pokemon GO this month may end on a good note as fans are already starting to say positive things about it again. If Niantic finishes the changes within this month and releases the game to the remaining regions, fans can expect events and Legendary Pokemon to arrive in the coming months or so.

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