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Pokemon GO: How To Get Refunds

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Pokemon GO

Niantic has taken down almost every third party app Pokemon GO players have been using. The latest update has also removed some major features of the game and broke some of the existing ones. From iOS login issues to the removal of battery saver mode and footsteps in the nearby tracker, some of the things Niantic has changed in the recent update has prompted fans to ask for refunds. Here?s how to get refunds for your Pokemon GO purchases.

Many Android and iOS users are now sending refund requests to Google Play and Apple Store. Both platforms offer refunds for items purchased in the game, but Google only provides refunds for purchases made in the last 24 to 48 hours. Refund requests for purchases made after this period will be addressed by Niantic itself. If you want to get a refund, here?s how.


Pokemon GO players on iOS can simply ask for a refund on Apple?s official website. By visiting this link, you can simply make a refund request. You?ll be required to log in with your Apple ID, and then you?ll be asked to share the problem you?re facing.

Many players have reported successful refund of their money. Some players said that the refund hits the account once Apple has reviewed your request.

Alternatively, iOS users can request a callback from the Apple support to make a refund request. Some players on Reddit said that they got a full refund after they stated in their complaint that a major gameplay feature was removed in the latest update.


Players on Android devices can request a refund from this link. However, many Android users are unfortunately having a hard time in getting refunds for their purchases. The support persons at Google Play are asking users to contact Niantic directly to get their refunds for purchases made one to two weeks ago.

Unfortunately, Niantic is apparently not listening to fans? requests, and some fans claim that it has violated Google Play?s policy because the email address the game developer has provided is unreachable. Players have started reporting the issue to Google.

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