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Pokemon GO: How To Get Movesets You Want

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Pokemon GO

Besides the Pokemon?s Individual Values and Combat Power, correctly choosing your Pokemon?s movesets in Pokemon GO will tip the damage output advantage to your side during battles. Pokemon GO fans are still investigating if the game?s movesets are actually random, but they have some findings which may help explain the automated moveset acquisition in the game. Here?s what we know so far.

According to BUFFALOBOX?s thread on the SilphRoad Reddit, players are still trying to determine the factors that affect a Pokemon?s moveset. The players have recorded the end products of this Pokemon GO system. For one, a Pokemon?s Individual Values, Combat Power, height and weight, and its previous moves do not affect the assigned moves when the Pokemon evolves. Alternatively, players will have to make do with the move of the Pokemon they just caught.

Since players haven?t confirmed a way for controlling a Pokemon?s movesets, players can only get the best moveset through trial and error catching, hatching, breeding and evolving. It?s definitely a long way to go, and this is the norm if you?re interested in competitive Pokemon GO Gym battles.

To know which ones are the best moves in the game, you can consider consulting tier lists from the community. While these guides and opinions may not always be accurate, they?re a good starting point for your data gathering in building the best Pokemon in the game.

Previously, players debunked a ?random? evolution system on Eevees. While the evolutions are really random, players can actually control Eevee?s evolution through the naming Easter Egg. This might also be the case on Pokemon GO movesets, but it?ll be a longer study due to the large Pokemon sample size.

For now, just keep progressing your trainer levels and collecting Pokemon to get the right Combat Power potential and right moveset in the game. You can also join the study on the movesets and share your own findings in the game. Stay updated on Pokemon GO news here on TheBitbag.

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