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Pokemon GO Generation 2 Rumors: New Types, Evolutions To Expect & How To Prepare For Them

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With over a month now since it was released in selected countries, Pokemon GO is said to add Generation 2 creatures in the next update of the game. Prior to the add-on, here are what you need to expect in it as well as the things you need to prepare for the upcoming Pokemon.

It is a known fact that Niantic?s mobile hit game only features Generation 1 of these creatures, which include a total of 145 Pokemon as listed by the app files. But, on a good note, it was already announced by the developer during the San Diego Comic Con 2016 that they are going to add Gen 2 Pokemon in the game.

As of now, details as to when the update will arrive is still unknown and it is not yet certain if Gen 2 creatures will be included in the next add-on. But, what is definite, though, is that gamers should need to prepare for it as early as now. Here are the upcoming Pokemon evolutions that will require you to collect a lot of candies.


This Pokemon is the ultimate evolution of Zubat. In the present game, there is only one evolution available for the creature, which is Golbat. But, come the Generation 2 creatures in Pokemon GO, the last transformation of the Pokemon will be added and it is expected to require at least 100 candies.


Another evolution that will be added in the game is for Onix. Just like Crobat, it would require at least 100 candies so better save them up as early as now to make an instant evolution once the update arrives.


One of the most adorable Pokemon that will be included in the add-on is Blissey. It is the evolution of the normal-type creature Chansey. Again, similar to the previous two, it is said to require 100 Chansey candies.


Another final evolution that will be present in the update is Kingdra, which originally come from Horsea. 100 Horsea candies as well are what you need to make the transformation possible.


This creature is the evolution of Scyther from Gen 1. Unlike the mentioned Pokemon, it would only require 50 Scyther candies, which would make it a bit easier to collect.


This is the second transformation for Porygon. The number of candies needed to evolve the Pokemon is still unknown but for sure it is not less than 50. Also, it is best advised that once you got a Porygon2, collect all the candies you can so you will have plenty for Porygon-Z, which is part of the Generation 4.

Meanwhile, aside from these Pokemon, there will also be chance evolution in the upcoming update. For example, Poliwag usually evolves into a Poliwhirl but once the Gen 2 update arrives, another transformation will open up, which is the Politoed. As mentioned, it is going to be a game of chance.

Another Pokemon evolution that will take chances to acquire is Slowking. Its root form, Slowpoke, can evolve into a Slowbro in Gen 1, but similar to Poliwhirl, the creature can have a different evolution in the form of Slowking. That is also going to be the case for Eevee, which originally can transform into three different creatures – Jolteon, Flareon and Vaporeon. Come the add-on, two more evolutions will become available for the Pokemon, namely Umbreon and Espeon. It is not yet clear how to get your Eevee to transform into those, which would again lead us to the game of chance like the previous ones.

As mentioned, the release of the update is still not definite and it is not certain if Gen 2 will come in the next add-on. Another speculation is that it will arrive early next year, but let us just wait for further announcement from Niantic. What is sure though, is that the new evolutions will require at least 50 specific candies.

Are you excited for the Generation 2 Pokemon in Pokemon GO? What other type of creatures do you expect in the update? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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