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Pokemon GO Generation 2: New Features Including Legendary Pokemon Revealed In Latest Update?

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO ?generation 2 features may have been revealed ?when code crumbs are found in the mobile game?s latest update. The recent patch revealed clues for trading, a Pokemon buddy system, and, get this–the possible reveal of legendary Pokemon, finally. Last August 24, Niantic released version 1.5 for iPhone and version 0.35 for Android.

The code notwithstanding, Niantic may be pressured to release Pokemon GO generation 2 features soon, as daily active users continue to slide. Bloomberg data showed that Pokemon GO user engagement is down by 30% from its peak in mid-July.

So far, the most requested new features are catching legendary Pokemon and trading. Trading is at the core of the original Pokemon card game that became popular in the nineties. Players in their late twenties and thirties are nostalgic to find this feature in the mobile game. Meanwhile, players who have collected most of the Pokemon would want to catch legendary Pokemon to up their game.

Pokemon GO trading clues

Reddit users have revealed code terms, such as: ?Trade_search? and ?Trade_offer? in the latest game update. ?Search? and ?trade? suggest that players will be able to browse Pokemon and exchange them over the internet. These terms indicate that Niantic is ready to introduce trading gameplay in Pokemon GO generation 2, if not in the next update of the current version.

Pokemon GO Buddy

The 0.35.0 n minor fix Pokemon GO Android update in GitHub specifically revealed this code:

+syntax = “proto3”;

+package POGOProtos.Data;


+message BuddyPokemon {

+ fixed64 id = 1;

+ double start_km_walked = 2;

+ double last_km_awarded = 3;


Note the ?BuddyPokemon? code which may indicate a Pokemon can walk with you. The ?start_km? ?last_km? line strongly suggests the game will be calculating the walking distance of this buddy Pokemon. Why? A logical guess is that it will be allowed to gather other Pokemon, too. This new feature is expected to lend more depth to the mobile game. Instead of just collecting combat Pokemon, players must also bear in mind to collect worker Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Incense

This possible new feature can change the core gameplay. Instead of walking to find a Pokemon, you might one day let a Pokemon find you. And you can control what Pokemon type to attract. We can interpret this code lines picked up from GitHub for various types:

Item_incense_spicy – for fire type Pokemon

Item_incense_cool – for water or ice type Pokemon

Item_incense_floral ?- for bug or grass type Pokemon

Pokemon GO Legendary

A placeholder in the new code update goes: ?”activity_catch_legend_pokemon.” We know you?re excited for this, as are other advanced players who?ve grown tired of the game for lack of new creatures to snatch in. Another clue that legendary is coming can be found in the original Niantic trailer prior to launching the game. To help you remember it, check the trailer below that shows a large crowd in Times Square in NYC capturing Mewtwo. We can interpret the trailer in today?s context as Niantic may be planning big events to reveal one Pokemon legendary at a time. This tactic makes sense going by the popularity of Pokemon events being held worldwide. Not the least, big events will put the excitement and bandwagon effect back to the game.

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