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Pokemon GO Generation 2-6: Stats Once They?re Introduced in the Mobile Game

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Recently, the Pokemon GO community on Reddit successfully computed every Pokemon?s stat in the game including those that are yet to be made available. From Generation 2 to Generation 6, the players have translated the Pokemon?s stats in the main game to Pokemon GO using a special formula. If the community is on-point with this one, players can plan ahead once the latter generation of Pokemon gets implemented in the game.

According to Ustafo?s thread on the Silph Road subreddit, he has computed the Individual Values and Combat Power of all 721 Pokemon in Pokemon GO. It only includes each Pokemon from Gold-Silver generation to the X-Y Generation as the full list of Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon haven?t been released yet. The spreadsheet is arranged from the Pokemon with the strongest Combat Power to the ones with the weakest CP, so make sure to use the search function to easily find a particular Pokemon in the chart.

Surprisingly, some Pokemon players noted that some of the main game?s strong picks like Slaking may have good stats in Pokemon GO. However, their potential strength is not final as Niantic can still rebalance these Pokemon?s stats when they are implemented in the game. Additionally, Niantic may introduce new gameplay changes and updates before their release which may greatly affect their use in the competitive Pokemon GO scene. Most of Ustafo?s computed stats are according to the game?s current build, but it could be a reference for future staple picks in the game.

It seems like there won?t be major updates for the game soon due to Niantic?s focus on fixing the game?s bugs. Additionally, Niantic?s second priority seems to be the implementation of more servers worldwide. For now, players can focus on leveling up both their trainer and Pokemon and competing in the game?s competitive Gym system.

Additionally, we?ve yet to confirm how Niantic will handle Pokemon GO?s major updates like new features and more Pokemon from latter generations. Once we?ve seen Niantic?s update patterns, we might be able to rely on these types of data for the game.

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