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Pokemon GO Year Two: What Could Be Next

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Pokemon GO Fest First Real World Event
Pokemon GO Fest Event announced by Niantic [official image from Pokemon GO Live site]

Niantic’s Pokemon based augmented reality game just turned one and it’s been a year of Pokemon catching and battling. We’ve seen what Niantic is capable of when it comes to the game in the past year but there’s obviously more to come for this surprisingly popular mobile game. What could be next for Pokemon GO Year Two?

PVP And Trading

One of the most anticipated features for Pokemon GO is PVP. Fans have been eagerly waiting to battle other players head on but to this date, Niantic is yet to show traces of having PVP battles in the game and we could be seeing it later this year as part of Niantic’s major updates for the game.

Another player interaction focused feature coming to the game is trading. The feature has been a staple in past Pokemon game and it should be a given that Pokemon GO will have it as well. Giving players the option to trade would make collecting all Pokemon a lot easier and it could be coming in Pokemon GO Year Two.

Gen 3

One of the biggest addition to the game this past year was the addition of the next gen of Pokemon. It gave players more reason to get in on the game and it was fun catching all the new Pokemon yet again. Hopefully, we get to see the next generation of Pokemon sometime this year as it would bring back more players to the game again.

Legendary Pokemon

Since launch, players have been looking for traces of Legendary Pokemon in the game. Niantic did confirm that this Summer will be “legendary” for the game but as of now, not one of the missing 11 Legendaries have yet to make it to the game. It looks like we’ll be getting the Pokemon soon though.

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