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Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update: Legendary Pokemon, Trading System, New Incense Confirmed via Source Codes.

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Pokemon Go Gen 2 update will give the remaining Pokemon trainers some new cool contents. The players of the massive hit game had successfully searched for clues of the new update. The update will include a few new Legendary Pokemon, three new Incense types, and the Trading System. Pokemon Go?s source code has been the root cause of the said update discovery.

?The long awaited Trading System is coming

The most anticipated Trading System is discovered through the game?s source codes. By the looks of it, there is a big chance that Niantic is also planning to build a Marketplace or Trading Centre for the game. It is very likely to include in Pokemon GO Gen 2 update

Trade_response, Trade_search_offer, and Trade_result is discovered in the game?s source code. That confirms that players will be able to trade their Pokemon to other players. The codes will also enable the players to trade their other items as well, including Master Balls and Lures.

Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update

The Pokemon Go Gen 2 Update will bring three new Incense Types

The names of the three new incense aren?t confirmed and may change without prior notice during or before the said release of the update. On the other hand, the source code displayed item_incense_cool, Item_incense_floral, and Item_incense_spicy.

The Cool type incense is believed to be attracting Ice and Water types of Pokemon. The Floral type incense will attract Grass and Bug type Pokemon. While the Spicy type incense will attract the Lightning and Fire types of Pokemon

Here comes the Legendaries

The time for catching a possible legendary Pokemon is almost here. The Generation 1 Legendaries are likely to come first. Moltres, Articuno, Zapdos, Mewtwo and Mew are expected to come along with the new update.

Pokemon GO uses the traditional code for catching a specific Pokemon, activity_catch_pokemon. The players, however, found a new line of code that increases the possibility of the legendary Pokemon. The new code is like this, activity_catch_legend_pokemon.

Who knows? former Pokemon Go players might be back again very soon because of the new update. The update should breathe a new life to the game and bring the game a lot closer to the old Pokemon games. However, there is still no announcement for Pokemon Go Gen 2 Update as of now.

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