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Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update Release Date, Features: Baby Pokemon, Player-Versus-Player, Legendary Birds Access and More!

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Pokemon GO Update

Since its release in July, Pokemon GO has been keeping gamers hooked with exciting new updates. The newest one, which is the 0.45.0, features 100 new Pokemon names from Gen 2. No official release date has been announced for Pokemon GO Gen 2 yet.

It is expected that Pokemon GO Gen 2 will launch in 2017. Reports claim that Niantic is already working on it. Thus, fans can expect it to be out in the near future.

Several fans are excited for the new features that come with the Gen 2 update of Pokemon GO. These features might include Pokemon events and access to Legendary Birds. Perhaps one of the most enticing features of Gen 2 update is player-versus-player.

Baby Pokemon

The said update will reportedly include Baby Pokemon. According to gaming news, Baby Pokemon is included in the second generation of Pokemon games. Therefore, it does make sense that Baby Pokemon will be part of Pokemon GO Gen 2.

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Pokemon GO Update

Pichu (Pikachu), Smoochum (Jynx), Tyrogue (Hitmonlee) and Igglybuff (Jigglypuff) are some of the Baby Pokemon that gamers can enjoy in the Pokemon GO Gen 2 update.

The Pokemon Unown is another promising new addition to Gen 2. Although the Unown Pokemon has no evolving forms, it has 28 derivative shapes. Christian Today stated that in the second generation, the shape taken by the Unown is determined by its individual value.

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The shape of Unown Pokemon is determined by its personality in Gen 3. In Gen 4, on the other hand, an identifier determines the Unown’s shape. If Pokemon GO Gen 2 will include the Unown, the game could be more difficult as puzzles can be added.

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Pokemon GO is also expected to update a new feature that allows players to regularly receive daily bonuses. Daily bonuses include 500 XP and 600 Stardust for catching a Pokemon every day. For gamers who catch Pokemon for seven days straight, they will be rewarded with 2,000 XP and 2,400 Stardust.

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