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Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update Not Coming Until 2017?

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Pokemon GO Gen 2

The Pokemon GO Gen 2 update is one thing many of gamers have been looking forward to. Niantic Labs recently added seven new Pokemon to the game. Unfortunately,?Pokemon GO trainers have been disappointed with the small update. It was earlier rumored that the Pokemon GO Gen 2 update will be coming very soon. Sadly, it appears that the 100 Gen 2 Pokemon may not be coming until 2017.

Niantic Labs just added seven new Pokemon to the game, but there was a catch to it. Pokemon GO Trainers could only hatch the new Pokemon. Thus, it would mean a lot of walking around. This was certainly not the huge Gen 2 update trainers were expecting to add 100 new Gen 2 Pokemon to the game.

New Pokemon Not Coming Until Next Year?

Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update

It could be a while though before Niantic will finally make the 100 new Pokemon available. It could even come in several updates so Pokemon GO trainers are going to have to be patient.

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In its announcement revealing the new Pokemon added to the game, Niantic Labs said in the Pokemon GO blog, ?These are the first of more Pok?mon coming to Pokemon GO over the next few months.? This would certainly mean that Pokemon GO fans will have to wait until 2017 before they can see more Gen 2 Pokemon.

The number of Pokemon in the game have been criticized as of late because trainers have become bored with the roster of Pokemon they can catch. Niantic appeased Pokemon GO fans by making the crowd-favorite Ditto available in the game. After that, they launched the recent addition of seven baby Pokemon.

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Legendary Pokemon Still Not Available

This is nowhere near the expectations of many Pokemon GO players though who have been waiting for the legendary Pokemon such as Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos to appear. Mew and Mewtwo are still, likewise, missing in action which has made fans unhappy.

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Hopefully, 2017 will become a more exciting time for catching Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Be sure to watch out for updates as Niantic Labs may just surprise everyone by adding more Pokemon to the game as the new year arrives.

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