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Pokemon Go Gen 2 Update: Niantic to Add 100 New Gold and Silver Generation 2 Pokemon?

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Pokemon Go is the most anticipated mobile game of all time. Right now it has conquered the interest of more than 2 million of players and the number is increasing. After building such a massive audience the only thing that developers have to do is to retain their interest.

Niantic is commending good efforts for maintaining the interest of such a high number of players by implementing seasonal updates like Halloween update and new features like Buddy system. After the innovative Halloween update, the company is trying to introduce new gen 2 Pokemon to woo the players. It is said that the company is planning to field 100 interesting Pokemon with innovative features.

100 New Gold and silver Pokemon?

The recent update has planted behind-the-scene Pokedex data for a 100 new Gen 2 Pokemon. The update is an infusion of 100 new Pokemon into the game including the existing Pokemon.

Pokemon Go has been constantly updated with new features like Buddy System and introducing new 100 Pokemon seems like an expansion or a sequel of Pokemon Go. The players just can?t take over the excitement from catching Pokemon at the Halloween event.

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Will Niantic give a chance to Collect all 151 Pokemon?

Prior to launching the new monsters, the only question that?s haunting player?s mind is that will they get a chance to collect all the 151 Pokemon? While some of the favorite Pokemon like Ditto, Zapdos, Mew, Mewtwo, and Articuno are missing from the field, it is vital for the company to re-appear them to fulfill the urge of dedicated players.

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It is always expected that Niantic is going to launch new Pokemon from the gold and silver era. Although introducing the new monsters will take a couple of weeks or months, but it is going to happen soon.

The Halloween event is enough for the company, as Pokemon Go became the top grossing app in the world. It is unimaginable what 100 gold and silver Pokemon will take the interest of the players.

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