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Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update: New Pokemons Coming This Thanksgiving?

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Pokemon GO Gen 2

If you are a big fan of mobile gaming, you have surely tried playing Pokemon GO already. The augmented reality game from Niantic Labs has taken the whole world by storm and with millions of players enjoying the game. Now, players are eagerly waiting for the arrival of 2nd Generation Pokemon which could possible come very soon. If the recent rumors are to be believed, it is possible that the Gen 2 Pokemon could arrive on Thanksgiving.

With Pokemon fans all over the world waiting for the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, Pokemon GO fans are also hoping for the Gen 2 Pokemon update to arrive. Niantic Labs has previously said that the next generation Pokemon would be coming soon but it did not really provide for a specific date as to when it will happen.

According to Forbes, data miners have revealed that there are 100 Gen 2 Pokemon already being referenced in the latest Android Pokemon GO apk. One problem though is that there has been no release date yet for the upcoming update.

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With the Pokemon GO Gen 2 update seemingly very close, some have speculated that the it could happen on Thanksgiving. This is certainly not out of the question as Niantic Labs just recently concluded a successful Halloween event for Pokemon GO.

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Setting the release of the update for Thanksgiving would certainly be a good move for Niantic Labs. It would draw more users to play the game, particularly if they incorporate some kind of Thanksgiving event with it.

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The developers of Pokemon GO has recently made a move to try and increase its active daily users. Adding more Pokemon to the game would surely help a lot in keeping interest in the game at a high level.

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While a Thanksgiving release of the Generation 2 Pokemon update for Pokemon GO is not yet confirmed, gamers should just wait for updates as it will likely be released very soon. Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news and updates on Pokemon GO as well as on other great games releasing soon.

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