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Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update Live! The Biggest New Features You Should Know

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pokemon go gen 2 update
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The Pokemon GO Gen 2 update is finally here and fans could not be more excited for it. Some will say that it’s too little too late, while others will love the additional monsters to catch. Either way, it seems like the game’s lifespan has extended quite a bit and will stick around for quite some time.

It’s not just the Pokemon that are new, as Niantic has announced a number of new features in the game. Some new customization options for the player’s avatar are now available, which should make them feel more unique than before. Also added are new encounter mechanics, berry types, gender variations for Pokemon and much more.

Change Requires Patience

Players might not see the new monsters right away despite having the Pokemon GO Gen 2 update. According to the Silph Road subreddit, some waiting is required for some and the 80 plus new monsters should be available now. The thread also discusses some features that were not mentioned in the official post, which definitely raised some interest.

We will be seeing some new Pokemon sprites in the game, which is fairly surprising, to say the least. Fans and cynics of the mobile game have praised the visuals for the Pokemon, since they all look great. The possibility of them looking better is intriguing and might result in fans giving the game a second look.

Poke’Balls and Berries

The Pokemon GO Gen 2 update has made throwing Poke’Balls much easier, so fans will have to ease up on their throwing. When the game was first launched, throwing these things could be a bit tricky and actually required patience and learning. Now that throwing balls has been tweaked, one has to wonder if veterans will have to relearn this skill.

Berries have also been changed for the better, as they actually changed the color of the catching circle. The items were always important, but the lack of color change made it hard to tell if it was working. Now that the change is more visual, it should lessen the frustration players feel when trying to catch a Pokemon.

It shouldn’t be too long before players start seeing Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile and more in the game. The game is still missing legendaries for both Gen 1 and Gen 2, but Niantic might be saving them for a special event. Pokemon GO is available for download on iOS and Android devices.

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