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Pokemon GO Gen 2: Top 3 Pokemon You Should Be Excited For

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It’s only a matter of time before Pokemon GO Gen 2 is upon us. The game made its name by having the original 151 from the Kanto region to excite the nostalgia crowd. Now that the game is as popular as it will ever be, it’s time to add some Johto Pokemon.

Johto Pokemon, AKA the Pokemon from Gold and Silver version, have some of the best designs in the franchise. There are a lot of Pokemon to be excited for, but certain fans have their favorites. After some difficult thinking, here are the top three Johto Pokemon fans should be excited for. These Pokemon are a mix of standalone Johto ones and new evolutions for those in the Kanto region.

Umbreon and Espeon

This is cheating a bit, since they’re both different Pokemon. That being said, they’re both evolved forms of Eevee, so pretty much every fan is excited for them. Eevee is one of the most complex Pokemon in the current mobile game, thanks to three different Eeveelutions.

Pokemon GO Gen 2 will definitely add these two evolutions, making Eevee more sought out than it already is. Umbreon is a dark-type that can be obtained through night evolution, something the mobile game should incorporate. Espeon is the opposite, a psychic type that can be accessed through daytime evolution.


One of the cutest Pokemon ever made, Totodile is one of the starters from Gold and Silver. What makes this Pokemon stand out from Cyndaquil and Chikorita is its design. While the other two Pokemon are okay, Totodile is too adorable for words, and its evolutions pack a punch.

It will also be interesting to see how Niantic adds the three starters to the game. Will they be given to the player like the first three? Or will players simply hope to find them in the wild? That’s one reason why fans should be excited for Pokemon GO Gen 2.


An adorable Pokemon that grew in popularity thanks to the television show, everyone should be excited for Togepi. It has an adorable design and also has a strong evolution in Togechic. The fact that it has Metronome and a variety of Psychic attacks make it a threat in Pokemon Gym battles.

Given its popularity, there’s a big chance that Togepi will be in a 10km Egg in Pokemon GO. The cute egg Pokemon is a fan favorite and will likely be hard to catch in the wild. Considering how players could only get one in Gold and Silver unless they breed, expect this cutie to be rare. Either way, it will be one of the must-have creatures in Pokemon GO Gen 2.

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