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Pokemon Go Gen 2 Release: Data Mining Finds 100 New Pokemon and New Move

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Pokemon GO Gen 2 release is near. Several codes have showed how the Generation 2 will look. Pokemon GO v0.45.0 was released this weekend and code investigators from The Silph Road had found hints of what is to come. In this article, we are going to take a look at what these decoders have found lying between us and the Pokemon GO Gen 2 release.

100 New Pokemon?

It has been reported that the people behind The Silph Road had found 100 new Pokemon in the metadata. These include those from Pokemon Gold and Silver. Niantic, the developer, seems to be moving quickly this time to update the game.

Niantic?s pace would likely bring us the new Pokemon GO Gen 2 release before the end of the year. Fans are anticipating a December release. A release is likely to be attuned to the Holiday Season like most promotions and releases are likely to do.

The team revealed that a hundred more Pokemon were referenced in the code. This was revealed in the Pokedex from number 152 Chikorita to number 251 Celebi.

No Moveset Yet

The report revealed that there is no moveset yet ready for all those Pokemon creatures embedded in the code. Niantic should do a client-side update to have movesets and creatures appear in the game.

Additional Details

There is one new move that has been added to the game. The move?is called ?Transform?. This is a quick move that is opposed to charge/special move. This is seemingly the only new move that will appear on the Pokemon GO Gen 2 release. ?Transform? is also the only move that will be added since the release of the hit mobile game.

A ?Quest System? has also appeared. This would include a daily quest with daily bonuses and a weekly bonus. The system is based on a multiplier function.

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