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Pokemon GO Gen 2 Rare Pokemon Update: Celebi, Smeargle, Delibird Releasing Next?

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A Pokemon GO Gen 2 update arrived just last week, much to the delight of the title’s millions of fans. It is based on the list of six rare and Legendary Pokemons that was first hinted after the game launched last summer. While Ditto is the only one who has been unveiled, players are expecting the rest to be released soon.

The massive Generation 2 Pokemon GO update added 80 new creatures to the hit Niantic title. The list below, which is derived from BGR, features the Legendary ones. Out of all of them, Delibird and Smeargle are reportedly still undiscovered. Players usually rely on game forums and alleged insider details whenever characters are still not caught.

Gamers’ theories

Because of his unique abilities, several users have assumed that Smeargle will be this generation’s Ditto. This means that it will appear a few months into the year.

Some gamers have also been claiming that Delibird is a region exclusive creature. He is speculated to be possibly reserved for the Arctic. On the other hand, it is also dubbed as the “delivery Pokemon,” Because of this, some believe that he is simply being reserved for a holiday event.

New Legendaries from Pokemon GO Gen 2

Millions of individuals around the world play the hit augmented reality title. Some are hardcore gamers, while others are more casual players. For those who are unfamiliar with the new characters, we have rounded up the ones that people should watch out for:

  1. Delibird – This creature bundles and carries its food on its tail. Rumor has it that there are explorers who are able to reach the peak of the world’s highest mountain in the game. This was supposedly made possible with the help of this Pokemon, who shared its food.
  2. Smeargle – This one uses a body fluid to marks the boundaries of its territories. The liquid supposedly comes out from the tip of its tail. Trails left behind by this Pokemon have reportedly reached as much as 5,000 marks.
  3. Raikou – The so-called “embodiment of lighting.” This creature’s speed sends shockwaves on the air. The ground also shakes and lightning seemingly strikes down whenever this character is around.
  4. Entei – This Legendary embodies the passion of magma. This is due to how it was supposedly born in the eruption of a volcano. Big bursts of fire also come out from it, which supposedly consume all that it touches.
  5. Suicune – This one portrays the compassion of a pure spring of water. It gracefully runs across the land and has purifying abilities. In fact, it can supposedly clean dirty water using its innate characteristics.
  6. Lugia – This creature’s power supposedly lies in its wings. A light fluttering of them can blow away structures as big as houses. Because of its devastating abilities, it safely stays out of sight and opts to live under the sea.
  7. Ho-oh – This majestic creature has feathers that glow in seven different colors. These shades depend on the angle at which light hits it. Reportedly located at the foot of a rainbow, this character’s feathers are believed to be able to “bring happiness.”
  8. Celebi – This Pokémon supposedly crossed over time. Gamers believe that it transported itself from the future. Some say that its appearance is a sign that “a bright and shining future awaits.”

What can you say about these Pokemon GO Gen 2 characters? Let us know by commenting below. Make sure to also keep following TheBitBag for game updates.

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