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Pokemon GO Gen 2: How To Prepare For The Update

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The Pokemon GO Gen 2 release is drawing near. Many Pokemon GO fans now know article that some code sleuths at The Silph Road did some data mining and found that Niantic will release 100 more Pokemon. The release is also expected to be late this year.

New Features

The code sleuths have discovered new features in Pokemon GO Gen 2. There will be a Quest System where Trainers can go on daily and weekly quests for bonuses. The metadata also suggests that there will be a new move called Transform. This is a quick move as opposed to the charge/special move.

There were no movesets yet that were discovered. These could come with the full Pokemon Gen 2 release.

How To Prepare


The new update will surely create new gaming dynamics. Allan B. of Game and Guide pointed out that many of the Gen 2 Pokemon will be evolutions from the generation one Pokemon. This means that you would want to keep your candies handy if you want to evolve them.

The report noted that some Gen 2 Pokemon will be an alternate version of the evolved Pokemon from basic forms. Others will be the third evolutions of an already evolved Pokemon. An example for this, given in the report, would be that in the first generation, Slowpoke could be evolved to Slowbro. In Pokemon Gen 2, one can get Slowpoke to evolve into Slowbro or Slowking.

Players are also recommended to save more Stardust. Pokemon GO Gen 2 will allow players to make more evolutions to many more Pokemon. The update will allow casual players, those who spend about just 5 to 15 minutes playing the game daily, can earn 3,500 Stardust each week. Pokemon GO Gen 2 will also give out additional bonus if a Trainer plays for 7 straight days.

Niantic added new Pokemons and one good chance to get a new one is to keep 10KM eggs. Players know that getting higher KM eggs will increase chances to get ?rare? Pokemon in generation one. This is likely to carry over and Trainers should keep their 10KM if they want a quick way to get new Pokemon when Gen 2 rolls out.

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