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Pokemon GO Gen 2: All Possible Region-Exclusive Pokemon So Far

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Pokemon GO Gen 2
Source: The World of Pokémon GO has Expanded! trailer

Currently, players are speculating about region-exclusive Pokemon for the new Pokemon GO Gen 2 creatures. Previously, Pokemon GO had creatures that could only be found in certain regions. Here’s what we know so far about the region-exclusive creatures in Pokemon GO Gen 2.

Exclusive Pokemon Hunt

Currently, Pokemon GO players are speculating about new region exclusives because of the Pokemon GO Gen 2 update. Unless developer Niantic lists them down in an announcement, players will have to manually find and share information about region-exclusive Pokemon. According to speculations on Xrmy’s thread on TheSilphRoad subreddit, here are some of the Pokemon GO Gen 2 creatures that could be region-exclusive:

  • Girafarig – Africa
  • Heracross – South America
  • Miltank – North America
  • Delibird – Europe
  • Dunsparce – Japan
  • Qwilfish – Hawaii
  • Shuckle – Australia
  • Corsola – Hawaii
  • Mantine – Australia
  • Stantler – Canada

Reddit users who make a correct prediction on this thread will be rewarded with Reddit Gold. Make sure to check announcements or return to this thread to check if somebody won a Reddit Gold to confirm the region-exclusive Pokemon.

Previous Regional Exclusives

Before the Pokemon GO Gen 2 update, some Pokemon could be found exclusively in a specific region or country. Tauros was confirmed to be only available in the US; Mr Mime in Europe; and Farfetch’d in Asia.

Players will have to wait for Niantic to confirm region-exclusive Pokemon or do some research to confirm them. Region-exclusive Pokemon can encourage players to travel overseas to find the creatures. Alternatively, fans can wait for Niantic to implement their long-promised player trading feature. There’s still no news about how the trading feature will work and when it’ll be made available, but some would surely like to wait instead of travelling to another country just to catch a region-exclusive Pokemon.

Region-Exclusive Problem

At best, region-exclusive Pokemon tend to be a drag to most players who can’t travel to faraway places. Since they’re limited in certain areas, most of them are rarely used in competitive settings and are mostly good for completing the Pokedex. Niantic may have to think twice about locking a Pokemon to a specific country or area as it may cause an uproar in their fan base.

So far, no Gen 2 Pokemon has been found to be region-exclusive. Players can only hope that their favorite Gen 2 creature can be found in a nest somewhere near their area. Recently, players confirmed that a nest migration rotation happened on the same day the Pokemon GO Gen 2 update rolled out. Stay updated with more Pokemon GO news here on TheBitBag.

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