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Pokemon GO Gen 2 Pokedex, & Egg Chart News, Updates: Here’s How to Get Unlimited Stardust, Candies

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Pokemon GO Gen 2

Pokemon GO is hands down one of the biggest mobile games to be released this year. Niantic Labs has definitely done a great job in developing this very addicting game. Recently, there are even rumors that the Pokemon GO Gen 2 update is coming soon.

Being successful in the game though is not as easy as it seems. That is why one of the best things that you must learn is the Pokemon GO tip to help you get unlimited Stardust and Candies in the game.

Stardust and Candies are two very important items in Pokemon GO. Candies are being used to evolve a Pokemon while the Stardust is essential when you want to power up a Pokemon.

If Pokemon GO trainers want to have a strong Pokemon, it is important to gather a lot of Stardust and Candies. It is not easy doing so though, unless you know some tricks that many are unaware of.

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How to Get Unlimited Candy and Stardust in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Gen 2

Players primarily get Stardust and Candy when they catch a Pokemon. If you want to get a ton of it then catching a lot of the same kind of Pokemon is important. This is where Pokemon trackers can come in very handy. The major sites such as Pokevision has been shut down but there are some great options that you can use.

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Once you are able to locate where a certain Pokemon spawns in your area, try to catch as many of the same kind of Pokemon as you can. This will help you in getting more and more candy that you could use to power up your Pokemon for gym battles.

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Pokemon GO Tips

This trick may take multiple steps and could be a bit time consuming, but certainly it is an effective way for you to gather Pokemon Stardust and Candy that you can use. Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news about the Pokemon GO Gen 2 update as well as on other trending topics in the world of gaming.

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