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Pokemon GO Gen 2: Why Gen 1 Could Be Phased Out Soon

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Pokemon GO Gen 2

Niantic once again took fans by surprise recently as it announced a host of new features coming to Pokemon GO. Along with the new features are 80 new Pokemon from the 2nd generation. With the 80 new Pokemon set to roam soon, fans are wondering what will happen to gen 1 now that Pokemon GO gen 2 is around.

With each entry in the Pokemon RPG series, the roster of Pokemon continues to expand. There are currently more than 700 Pokemon and it’s a good thing that the main developer for the Pokemon games, Game Freak, doesn’t put all the Pokemon in one game. Doing so would make getting the new gen Pokemon harder to catch.

To make due with the growing number of creatures, Game Freak picks only a select few of past gen Pokemon to place in the new entries along with the new gen of Pokemon. That way, players have a chance to encounter the new gen frequently at the expense of not being able to capture the past gen creatures.

Now that Pokemon GO gen 2 is set to go live soon, fans might be wondering what will happen to the gen 1 Pokemon. Allowing both gens of Pokemon out in the wild wouldn’t be an ideal move on the part of players as it might be harder to complete the Pokedex. Niantic could be phasing out some gen 1 Pokemon to make way for the new gen of Pokemon in the game. If this is indeed the case, then newcomers like those from South Korea that got the game only this year will need to hurry up and catch the gen 1 Pokemon while they still can.

Another thing Niantic could do with Pokemon GO gen 2 is allow players to choose which Pokemon they’d like to see more of. This would be a more convenient choice as players will be able to handpick the gen they’d be needing to complete first.

During the early days of Pokemon GO it has been debated as to how gen 2 will come to the game. Some fans believed that gen 2 will come with a day and night cycle that sees the generations of Pokemon swap places depending on the time of day.

Whatever Niantic plans on doing with Pokemon GO gen 2, the only thing certain for now is that players will once again have to work very hard to get the 80 more Pokemon.

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