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Pokemon GO Gen 2 News: Top 5 Strongest Gen 2 Pokemon

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Pokemon Go Gen 2
Pokemon Go Gen 2

According to Pokemon GO Gen 2 News, the new Pokemon are set to arrive to Pokemon GO soon! And if you want to hold on to your gym, then you?re going to have to upgrade your roster of Pokemon with some of the newer and stronger Gen 2 Pokemon set to come into the game. But lucky for you, we?ve already compiled the Top 5 Strongest Gen 2 Pokemon!

Pokemon GO Gen 2 News: 5 Ampharos

Pikachu was a tough electric Pokemon from generation one. You can think of Ampharos as the bigger stronger gen 2 counterpart to Pikachu.

Ampharos is a towering bipedal yellow Pokemon. It has stubby arms and a long black-striped tail with an iconic red orb at the end. The electric tail orb is like the electric version of Charizard?s burning tail.

The light emitted from the orbs around its body are a reflection of its power. Bubapedia writes: ?When it increases the amount of electrical energy within itself, the red orbs on its body and wool emit a strong light.?

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4 Typhlosion

Out of the three generation 2 starters, only Typhlosion makes the top five cut. Although stat-wise, the three were arguably on near equal footing. However, Meganium had it tough due to always being in a big disadvantage to all of the major fights in the game. Feraligatr on the other hand was the more well rounded choice. But Typhlosion arguably has the most advantage in the majority of battles in the game, thus making it the more better and stronger starter Pokemon.

Typhlosion is the most famous fire-badger Pokemon in the game. Typhlosion can make anything burn when it is angered.

3 Blissey

Blissey was one of the most tankiest sponge in generation 2. This was mainly because of its absurdly high health and special defense. No doubt, Blissey will be your top gym defender and generation 2?s Snorlax counterpart.

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2 Heracross

Heracross was a beast and almost anyone who was absorbed into Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal would make sure to have Heracross in their team. It?became the best fighting type Pokemon in the game, overthrowing Machamp.

Heracross has both great resistance and damage output. This Pokemon even had a pretty exclusive move called Megahorn that could put the hurt on almost any Pokemon.

1 Tyranitar

Tyranitar is set to become the strongest non-legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO when Gen 2 comes out. He?s going to be the new Dragonite. And odds are, he?ll be much stronger than Dragonite.

He?s not a legendary but he?s got enough power to hurt one. His hyper beam could literally make Suicune run off (seriously). Tyranitar has great defensive and offensive stats and also comes equipped with some of the strongest moves in the game.

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And that?s our top 5 strongest Pokemon for Pokemon GO?s Gen 2. Stay tuned in for more Pokemon GO Gen 2 news and updates!

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