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Pokemon GO Gen 2 News: Additional Region Exclusive Pokemon Coming? What We Know

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Pokemon GO

Just when you thought pocket monsters are taking over the world, Niantic is already gearing up to release Pokemon GO Gen 2 with more creatures in tow. Apart from the new?pocket monsters, the upcoming version will reportedly support evolution of some of the already existing Pokemon and will also have region-exclusive Pokemon.

At this point, the game has?151 Pokemon. Out of the 151, there are 142 cataloged Pokemon. In addition, there are five legendary Pokemon like Mew, Mewtwo, Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos. However, these legendaries are not part of the game yet.

The other four creatures are region-locked ones. For instance, Mime can be seen in Europe, whereas Tauros is concentrated in North America. While Kangaskhan is available in Australia, Farfetch’d can be spotted in Asia.

While the existing Pokemon are from the Kanto region, we are hearing rumors that the Pokemon GO Gen 2 game will come with creatures from Johto region, among others. Niantic might consider featuring monsters from “Pokemon Gold,? “Pokemon Silver? and ?Pokemon Crystal? in the upcoming version.

Pokemon GO

Going by the?predictions made by Pokemon fans, Miltank could be the next region-exclusive Pokemon for the U.S. Meanwhile, Heracross could be headed to Japan or somewhere in Asia. Smeargle and Delibird are rumored to be made available in South America and Europe, respectively.

Meanwhile, according to?Pokemon GO Hub, Niantic has confirmed a total of three patches for the game, but without giving any official release dates. However, the speculated release dates of these patches are as follows: Pokemon GO Trading (October 2016), Pokemon GO Trainer Battles (December 2016/January 2017) and the Pokemon GO Gen 2 will reportedly be released in May 2017.

For those Pokemon GO players that are bored of the game, you can check out the new fan-made ?Pokemon Uranium? for PC.


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